“Hiram Process Control” has been servicing industry both in and out of Israel since 1989.

Being familiar with the technical problems the industry is facing we set our goal to try and participate with our customers in solving these acute problems.

In general the process industry, our first client, is struggling with Process design, process control, environment, energy and optimization issues and these are the areas we are trying to be of help in.

Being in the arena this long we had the chance to work with great variety of impediments and most of the time, together with the experience of the client and our innovative approach, we were able to create winning solutions.

Our company is highly experienced in working with different control systems in the process industry in general and specifically tuning of “live” online control loops. In today’s fast pace industry satisfactory results are too often limited to a binary “working” or “not working” process. This simplified view of process control neglects to take into account working costs, energetic inefficiencies and production yields which have a significant effect on the bigger picture being profitability. Giving proper attention to the details, thoroughly understand the process at hand and then fine tune it to deliver maximum efficiency is our art. Transcend the low level steady state which so many industries settle for.

Go beyond stability.