Since 2005 we have been the local Israeli representative for ExperTune,joining forces in dealing with a wide variety of control issues and challenges.

ExperTune designs pre-packaged industrial software which maximizes productivity and efficiency and reduces waste in the process industries worldwide: chemical, pulp and paper, utilities, refining, and food processing.

ExperTune Products


PROFFIMAT S.R. Ltd provides innovative surface treatment solutions through unique patented technologies and processes. These cost effective solutions impart improved characteristics to key components in the areas of wear resistance, abrasion, galling, friction, corrosion, seizing and extension of operational life. As HIRAM areas of operation, be it the chemical industry, refining, petrochemicals of natural gas production, distribution and others, share exactly these problems’ it was naturally to form an alliance to complete one another’s activities.


Lightapp is an intelligent energy management solution for industrial manufacturing companies that helps improve operations and reduce energy costs by 5%-27%. Lightapp serves customers in more than 10 industrial verticals.

On the search for existing excellent support applications in the area of energy smart monitoring and the ability to pinpointing the real situation within existing operation we came across Lightapp and agreed upon cooperation.