The term CORROSION refers not only to the oxidization of iron but can also refer to the degradation of all materials.
In industrialized country, the costs associated with corrosion are estimated to be 1-5 percent of the GDP.

The chemical industry uses matters that cause corrosion to the materials of construction, everywhere, be it pipelines, reactor or  vessels for any use.

Understanding the mechanism of the corrosion process enables us combat the phenomena and minimize the costs inflicted by it.

As the local representative of Exxon Chemicals/ NALCO (1993-97) we were involved in active fighting with this challenge in the refining and the petrochemical industries.

Dr. Alec Groisman is our advisor on corrosion dilemmas.

We cooperate with PROFFIMAT in all cases where selecting the right Material of construction as well as where an advice on finding the best treatment to minimize the corrosion damages – is needed.

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